This has got to be one of the weirdest issues I have ever run into.

I have a bunch of servers and I normally just access them using UNC but I
have one server that I can not access if I have the MS Client installed.
Somehow it must think this server is a Win box.

If I use


I receive an error: \\fs02\vol1\is not accessible. You may not have
permission. Contact your admin. The network path was not found.

I get the same thing with sys volume, but I can access \\fs03\_admin

I can access any other server using UNC

My login script will map the drive. MAP T:=.FS03_VOL1.CIVIC.CTY:

If I use the IP address like \\\vol1 it works

Now if I remove the MS Client and File sharing I can access the server with

I have tried to go through the registry and remove references to fs03 that
did not involve installation paths.

It would be much of a big deal, except this is also the system I use to
manage my Zen apps which most reside in fs03 and use UNC paths to connect,
so C1 always gives me errors.

Any Ideas?