I have several users using Windows NT that cannot seem to access their
GroupWise archive. The path to their archive is a UNC path to a server.
After further research, I noticed that I cannot even map a drive to that
same UNC path on their machine. I can't even click Start, Run,
\\SERVERNAME to get an explorer window with a list of folders.

The servers have SLP running on them, and DNS seems to be pretty OK. I
can ping the server name from the users' desktops, but still can't map a
drive. Also, this is referencing a virtual server name since we are
running a 2 node NW cluster.

SOLUTION? What seems to be consistent is if I open Network Neighborhood,
double click the tree, the context, and the server name, after a pause, I
get a list of folders from that server. I right click the red N icon in
the tray and now I see a connection to the server (which I didn't see
before). Suddenly, GroupWise archiving works again!

But, I have to navigate all those steps in Network Neighborhood to get
the client to find the server and folders.

Any idea what is causing this?