Hi, i need solve a problem... i try many things, but none works... maybe
you know where to find something that helps me...
The situation is this:

In one machine i have installed Windows 2003 Server with IIS 6, PHP, and
the ADS extension for PHP.
In another machine i have installed Novell 6.5 and the ADS Server.
With PHP i have many predefined queries against the ADS server.
I add to the Novell as new user the anonymous user of IIS with the same
data (username and password).
In the machine with Windows 2003 Server (known in the intranet as
\\windowsserver) i have a connection with Novell, say \\novellserver\data.
If i run the queries in local mode...
http://localhost/queries/ all works fine... Now, i anybody of the intranet
run the queries, http://windowsserver/queries/ them don't work, and now
don't work in local mode... I must restart the IIS for that queries run ok
now, eso si, in local mode...
Seems that the anonymous user of IIS lost your rights over Novell...
I don't know what i'm doing wrong, or that i miss to setup...
I hope that you can help me... Regards...