We are updating our current image. Part of the update includes the latest
client. The problem I have using any client after version SP1a is
when trying to join Domain.
We use compname.exe to change the computer name to the pc serial number,
this is part of the sysprep process. The problem lies when the sysprep
process tries to login as admin locally to the previous computer name
(shows as Domain). An error is reported that it can not find the specified
Domain. If you then pick the only other computer name (new name is the
serial number)log in as local admin, sysprep continues and joins Domain.
I've checked previous Client settings and compaired.
Tried installing client as part of Sysprep.
Tried the nwfilter.sys issue "fix".
Again, this only happens when using a client after SP1a on XP(SP1
or SP2).

Any Ideas would be helpful!