We suffer from poor performance when we read files from the Novell 5.0
server. Writing is always OK. (read will show about 10% network
utilization and write will show something near 96% on a 100Mbit segment).
The Novell server is connected to a 3com 3824 switch (Gbit connection).
Users are connected to a stack of 3com 4228 switches linked to the 3824

We checked all the port settings (duplex and so on). Switched off the
spanning tree, upgrade the firmware to the latest version but the
problem remains.
When we connect a workstation direct into the 3824 switch the
performance is OK.
If we use a small Office Connect switch instead of the 4228 the
performance is OK.
Other services (FTP/Samba fileserver) are running OK and do not suffer
from poor performance, so it must be a combination from the Novell
protocol and the 3com switch.

Any ideas beside contacting 3com or start using other switches?

Thanks, Henk