some of "my users" are experiencing the following problem:
When browsing through netware volumes, renaming files, or just marking
files on a novell network drive, the explorer.exe process crashes.
The problem only occurs on Windows XP with installed SP2. The windows event
log shows an application error in netapi32.dll (which is not a
netware-related file, I'm aware of that) and the error code "0x000390dc".
When googling for that error code, forum posts appear that state the
problem only occurs on IBM ThinkPads with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Of
course I called IBM but they claimed to have never heard of that problem
and offered me an investigation for 50.99 + VAT, which requires access to
our network drives. In the meantime reports of users that don't use IBM
ThinkPads have reached me so I now think that it might not be an IBM only

Now as the problem only occurs when browsing netware network drives, I
thought that maybe some of you might have heard of this or similar problems.

BTW: Yeah, I've installed the latest client.

Thanks in advance
- Sebastian