I have just added Windows 2000 machines to my small network and they are
running client 4.91 SP1. The three servers (Keyes_Lab, Keyes_1 and Keyes_2)
on my network are all running Netware 5.1 SP 7e and DS.NLM version 8.85c.
The login scripts I have work fine with Windows 98 machines that I am
replacing. The problem is that I can login directly to the server I call
Keyes_2 with my users, but when I login to my Keyes_Lab server and the
client tries to autheniticate to the Keyes_2 server, I get the following
in the login box after the connected to server Keyes_Lab info:

Authenticating to server Keyes_1


LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL - 890: The specified server is unknown.

Authenticating to server Keyes_2

Sometimes I also get the following at the end:

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL - 310: The workstation date and time could not be set.

After I close the login dialog box, I can log out the user and log back in
and the errors do not appear. If I reboot or restart the machine, the
error(s) return. The problem is not always on the same workstations, but
it is occurring only on the ones that I am connecting directly to
Keyes_Lab and authenticating to Keyes_2. I can connect directly to
Keyes_2 and there are no problems with the same workstations, but I must
be able to connect to Keyes_Lab to run some of my programs.