I want to upgrade my workstations' client version. The current client
install was done with a previous version (4.90 with sp1a) of Nciman.exe that
included [WorkstationManagerParameters], [NALAgentParameters],
[RemoteManagementParameters], [ZISWinParameters].

I have used Nciman.exe from the 4.91 client, with SP1 overlaid, to create an
unattend.txt for ACU to use and it is working to update the existing client
on my test workstations configured same as production clients.

My problem is the ACU update is removing all the Zen components. I do not
want these uninstalled The NCIMAN.exe I am using from the 4.91 client
version does not have the option to install these Zen options.
Is there some way to prevent this.
I found this TID Using client upgrade to remove Workstation manager and NAL
agent - TID10086263 (last modified 18AUG2003)
Setup NCIMAN to remove Workstation manager and Nal Agent and Remote
management, after running nwsetup /ACU /U:unattend.txt the client was
upgraded but the components were not removed.
unattend.txt shows the components are set to remove
nwsetup.exe /ACU /U:unattend.txt was not running the removal process of the
client components.
The following setting in the unattend.txt needed to be set.
after changing this setting in the unattend.txt file the client update did
remove the client components

I do not see this setting in my unattend.txt nciman created. I thought about
adding it but setting it to No. Has anyone had this problem or know of the
Thanks in advance.