I have found some bugs and strange behavior in the new Novell client.

1.) The context sensitive help in the Swedish Novell client properties is
not translated to Swedish, instead the Polish (I guess) help text comes up.
I would prefer the English help until a Swedish translation is included.

2.) The client is looking for a dll called
PUBLIC/NLS/SWEDISH/ldapsdkmsg.dll if you select "Novell Login" from the
Program menu or right-click on the NetWare Tray icon and select login. The
file exist locally under System32\NLS\ENGLISH, or System32\NLS\SVENSKA if
you are using the Swedish version of the client, but it seems to include a
hard coded path to PUBLIC/NLS/%OS_LANGUAGE, why?

3.) The client is looking for a file called WMNotify.dll. This file was
made obsolete in the 4.91 client (ZfD3.2 component) and is therefore not
included anymore. The only way to stop the client from looking for this
file is to copy it from the NWClient v.4.90, this cannot be correct.

4.) On the Novell Login when you click on the "Tree" button you get a 15
seconds delay before your tree comes up. Network traces showes that the
4.91 client sends out 6 SRVLOC (multicast) packets to find an SA. The
v.4.90 client didn't do this it just sent out a SRVLOC request for a DA and
when it got a reply back it switched over to using multicast=no delay at
all. The only way to get the v.4.91 client to behave in the same way is to
set the "SLP Actice Discovery=off" which means you have no redundany using
multicasting if your DA is down. Why was this behavior changed from the
previous client?

Peter Englund
Senior Consultant
IT Infrastructur & Security