Periodically/occasionally user systems get into a state where they are
logged into NetWare but not authenticated to it. They have files open
and processes active on the NetWare server, but suddenly cannot use
them. They can browse the server directory tree and see that, according
to file properties indications, they have normal access to all files,
but they cannot use the files. They cannot even close their open
processes; they are locked out. They also cannot print to network print
queues to which they normally have access.

In Monitor on the server they have the Normal entry in the connections
table (no *) but not the Authenticated entry (with a *). In the Send
Message utility at the client the same is observed.

In the Windows XP system tray, the Expand button (<) does not work
normally. Instead of expanding the tray, it flips direction (to >) and
deletes one entry from the tray each time it is clicked. Eventually,
when the tray is reduced to a single entry, it disappears entirely.

Once the system gets into this state there is no recovery. All
processes must be forcibly terminated and Windows must be restarted, or
at least the user must be logged out and in again.

Is this an issue purely with Windows or is there something with the
watchdog timer in the client that goes wrong so that the connection is
partly dropped? Is there a known cure?

Gerald Reynolds