we have a mixed area with novell and windows servers. All clients are
Win2000Pro or XPPRO. For all desktop PC we want use a location profil
to logon to NDS and windows domain. For all notebooks we want use 2
location profiles (one for network login and the other for local
workstation login).
Now we want to update our netware client to version 4.91SP1.
In all desktop PCs the settings with the only location profil works
fine. But by the notebook the local location profil dosn't work.
Our target is, by choise of local logon profil a fixed user entry
"TEST" inscribed. By network logon the username field should be empty.
The settings on the network side are good, but if we switch to local
logon, the last user loged on the notebook is indicated.
We have looked at the registry. In the local logon tab path are all
settings like we have quoted. The checkbox "save profile after
sucsessful login" is in both profiles not activated.
The windows settings are standard (save last user ...).
What can we do for our target?
Thanks for help