I'm busy putting in a new Netware 6.5 Tree and servers.
Currently there is a Netware 5.1 Tree with servers with NDS 8. I'm busy
moving users into the new Tree and to the new servers (can't use migration
for a number of reasons). The 5.1 Tree was badly installed and had no
contextless login and it was a mess, so I removed LDAP and re-installed
it. Everything seems OK with DSTrace +LDAP and Softerra.

I setup LDAP in the 6.5 Tree and it works perfectly.
I setup LDAP in the 5.1 Tree proxy user, correct rights etc. Users need to
login to both Trees until the move is all finished.

Contextless login on the 6.5 Tree works perfectly, but on the 5.1 Tree I
get LDAP server not configured when a user tries to login.. It isn't a
Rights problem because the 6.5 one works fine and with Softerra I can read
the entire tree.

Can anyone help on this?