We are on NW5.0 SP6, NWClient 4.90 SP2 and WinXP SP2.

Epson Perfection 4870 scanner is attached to workstation.
The problem is as follows:

1. If users on workstation have RESTRICTED rights, then:
a) if the user logs to workstation only he CAN launch Epson's scan
b) if the user logs to both workstation and server he CAN NOT launch
Epson's scan utility,

2. If users on workstation have ADMINISTRATOR rights, then:
a) they CAN ALWAYS launch Epson's scan utility, i.e. no matter if
logged in workstation only or both workstation and server

I tried various Clients versions always with the same result.
Epson's support helped nothing - they said, that this Netware problem...

This happens only with 4870/4990 series. I have one older Epson's model
as well as Plustek scanners working fine.

Any help greatly appreciated,