Netware 5.x and 6.x environment with IP (with SLP) and IPX bindings for
servers and workstations (xp sp2). Novell Client 32 4.83 sp3 and 4.91sp1a.

In our container login scripts we have a reference to call an executable
via DNS FQDN. For example \\servername.dom2.dom1\sys\public\program.exe.
The DNS name does NOT exist as a Netware server NAME. We are using DNS to
resolve the FQDN to a round robin of 3 different Netware servers for
redundancy. For most of the of our thousands of XP computers this works
for both client versions. However, for many the client is not able to
resolve or not able to use the resolution of the FQDN for the server (some
traces show the DNS name of the server being resolved but the client does
not use it to attempt to attach to the netware share). I say client is not
able to resolve, because the server can be pinged via its DNS name and
also will show up correctly in an NSLOOKUP from the command prompt of the
offending workstations. Also, the provider order in the Network
Connections advanced setting is set per Novell standards - Novell Client
above MS client and the UNC Path Filtering is on in Novell Client advanced
settings. Novell does indicate this is an issue, but NOT if the provider
order and UNC Path Filtering is set correctly.
Any ideas?

John Richardson