Windows xp SP2 client 4.91 SP1, Netware 6.5 SP3, Zen 6.5 Sp2

Server is running Gigabit to the switch, with 100 mb from switch to

Default SLP implementation, DNS, DHCP.

We also have a hosts file that enumerates the server on each workstation.

We are in a school environment and are in the process of upgrading (or
trying to) to Netware 6.5. The server has been built from scratch as a
native 6.5 server with only data copied from the old server. Users have
been created using UImport scripts and groups etc manually created.

We are getting intermittent login failures. We have two servers and when
clients try to log in, the login seems to take longer than usual then
connects to the wrong server. The login script shows a server not found
error for the drive mappings and the Zen Apps fail because the relevant
mappings aren't there. Out of a lab of 25 PCs, 5-10 will fail each time,
but not necessarily the same ones.

It is not load dependant - you can log in 10 times on one PC only, and it
will work x number of times and fail x number of times.

We have been working on this in a test lab environment, so it is all
confined to one switch (which we have swapped out without any

We have tried:

Switch substitution, patch cable substitution
Client and server patching to the latest version
Verified default config (no DA's) SLP seems to be working
DNS resolution seems ok - after login failure, you can ping/nsllokup etc
the server and it is there and responds

Sometimes get a LoginWinnt.dll error, usually not.

Have tried updating to latest SP's, client and server
Have played with multiple client settings, timeouts, etc and ensured
client points to server, both by IP and name - neither fixes the problem
Ensured location profile (default) all points to the right server
Updated server NIC to the latest drivers
Stepped through the TIDs on the login process
Ghosted and tried different labs with the new client setup with no

Any ideas?