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Thread: Slow network browsing / death

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    Chris Mosentine NNTP User

    Slow network browsing / death

    Hello all: Here is another problem I am seeing as of late which I
    believe is related to running cleint 4.91sp1 on Windows XP sp2.

    When I go to browse Novell connections, there is a fairly long delay
    (10 seconds) until a list of servers is displayed. Once I double-click
    on a server, it may never show the volumes present on the server, may
    take a long time to show the volumes (60 seconds), or Windows Explorer
    may simply crash.

    Any sugestions, Chris.


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    Tony Pedretti NNTP User

    Re: Slow network browsing / death


    Same questions as your prior post and in addition...

    SLP setup to resolve NetWare services/names over IP?
    If so, masking any info. you might consider a security hazard please post
    the results of SLPINFO /ALL run from the command-prompt on a Windows

    Take a look at this list and let us know which, if any, of these steps help
    with your delays...

    Enhance Client32 Performance

    Tony Pedretti

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