Autodesk ABS/ADT 2006 does not support Novell.

However, I have a Netare 5.1 SP8 server. We are unable to save data
using ADT/ABS with the Project Navigator. It is a separate module. Normal
CAD drawings save 100% of the time and we continue in production.

However, it saves 100% on all Microsoft Platforms (server platforms) and
it will save to the Novell Server if you choose to use the Microsoft
Netware Service for XP in lieu of the Novell Client.

This isolates the problem to the Novell Client Software. I've tried all
versions up to 4.91 SP1. I've tried the ReadLock Registry Key.

When I do a sniff using etherpeek/detect, you can see the order that
Novell Client vs. Microsoft Netware Service is different.
This looks easy to fix, or perhaps it is already fixed ?

DC-CADD, AVATECH, and AUTODESK have exhausted all resources and are
unable to fix it.

The outcome of this problem will determine whether we scrap our Novell
Netware Server.

-=Dick Simmons, CNE
O'Connell Robertson and Associates,
Austin, Texas