Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone know what location services are used on a
windows workstation and in what order, to map to a server share?

Does the workstation first use netbios, then dns, then hosts, then a DS?
That's what I'm referring to as I'd like to know why I can't map to my
server name but I can to the servers IP Address..... excluding the
obvious DNS issues, Hostfile attempts etc... that means even if I can
resolve the servername with a ping, using DNS or host files...

Hence I'd like to find out how a workstation maps to a server and which
network service providers are used and in which order.

Also, keeping in mind, I'm not using the netware client at all... I'm
using the netware agent. I've noticed I can map to the CIFS name but not
the actual server name??? any ideas???

Thanks in advance for your advise.