I've been experiencing an issue with notebooks with built-in wireless
cards AND lan cards being very slow to startup when connected via lan
cable and the wireless card is enabled - the time between "Windows
starting" and the NetWare login is long, between 1-3 minutes. When I
disable the wireless card, this part of the boot process speeds up
dramatically, 10-15 seconds.

Disabling the wireless card is not an option, as users connect to various
wireless networks and disabling/re-enabling the card 2-3 times a day is
not feasible.

Have tried unbinding the client from the wireless card without luck.

Have tried enabling AND disabling "Wireless Zero Configuration" service,
no difference.

I have found that uninstalling the wireless card and re-installing seems
to fix the problem, but the issue re-appears if the wireless card is
disabled and re-enabled again.

I have googled and found many references to the issue, but only proposing
workarounds rather then solutions.

Is there a definitive word on the issue or a TID? I haven't been able to
find one.

Thanks in advance,