We're running SBS 6.6 with Win98 Workstations and 1 Winxp workstation. The
xp workstation is the only one giving us problems and the problems are
associated with only one program.

On the server client file caching and level 2 oplocks are NOT enabled. On
the xp station file caching is off and file commit is on. The workstations
communicate via IPX only.

Our database program is custom and written in Clarion by Softvelocity. The
program sometimes gives error messages that a file either can't be found or
opened, a data entry causes a "duplicate keys" error, our in some parts of
the program, it records bogus numbers rather than the numbers that were

There are none of these issues on the win98 workstations. Novell technical
support, (the paid version), has no answers, nor does Softvelocity.

Are there any other settings that can be tweaked? Is there some other way,
(other than the client), for the xp workstation to communicate with the
server when using the database program? The database program is used
constantly and I'm almost at the point of installing win98 on the xp

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Cooper