We update our Novell Clients from a Web Server, where the i386 folder from
a server is copied to the local workstation to the CSetupIP folder. Using
the ACU, the update is then done from the files that were downloaded to the
With the 4.91 client, I see that the ZenWorks for Desktop components have
been removed. I can still use my unattend.txt to install Zen with the 4.91
client, but the NAL and RM folders are not copied to the local workstation,
even if I put them in the i386 folder on the server. This causes an error
during the middle of installation, where it is looking for nalsrvld.exe,
nalntsrv.exe, nalntres.dll and zenapp32.dll. (In fact, it is looking for
these files at C:\CSetupIP\NLS\english\..\..\nal?) I can browse to the
server to have it pick up these files in the NAL folder that I copied under
i386, in which it works fine. However, this is suppose to work unattended
for users.

In order for this to even work, I had to add variables for NW_WM,
NW_NALNTSRV, NW_ZISWin and NW_WUA to the nww2k.inf file.

Is there a way to install Zen with the client as before 4.91, or do you
have to perform a separate installation? Does anyone know where you can
tell it to copy the NAL and RM folders and user the correct path?