We've got a number of Win2K boxes running the 4.90 client. Each time I
upgrade a client to 4.91 or 4.91SP1 the following behavior occurs:

Any time a shortcut is right-clicked there is an extended delay before the
context menu displays. For example, I could browse the Programs Menu to
the MS Office folder and then right-click MS Word and the system will hang
for up to 30 seconds before the context menu pops up. Incidentally, Office
was installed on this box from a CD, not from a network share. This
behavior occurs on our Win2K boxes and also on my own XP box. All boxes
are fully patched. The issue does not occur under the following circumstances:

1. I disable the network adapter.
2. I boot into Safe mode with or without networking.
3. I remove the client or revert to the 4.90 client.

I'm guessing the new client is trying to hit some address that's no longer
valid and hanging till the request times out. Is there a tool that will
validate all addresses for me and or is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance!