I am trying to get the contextless login to work with the auto login process (entering information into the registry). Both seem to be working independantly without any problems. If the user name is entered then the tab key is pressed, the proper context come up without any problems. If I enter the user name etc into the registry for auto login the workstation automatically logs in if the last context entered is the correct context for the user id entered into the registry. If the context is incorrect, the workstation does not log in and gives errors indicating that the context is wrong. Is there a way to have the auto login work with the contextless login?

I will explain why I am trying to do this. We will be updating all our workstations to Windows XP using the ZENWorks imaging. We have developed some VB scripts to automate this process. One of the last steps, the script goes out an reads a txt file and extracts the user name and password according to the workstation name and enters this information into the registry so that the user automatically logs in when the workstation is rebooted. The workstation then installs all required applications for this particlar user, clears the auto login registry entries then shuts down ready for the user in the morning. The users will be in a variety of contexts and I was hoping to avoid adding the context for each user to the txt file.