Hello NG

We installed a Windows 2003 Server and activated there the Terminal Server
Services. On this server NWClient 4.91 SP1 is installed with the latest
Patches and Zen 6.5 SP1b Agent is also installed. Contextless login is
enabled on the client.

Now when we start a RDP Connection, we can`t login, because the contextless
doesn`t run. Username and Password are set but the context will not be
changed to the right context?

How can I solve this problem?

Here the Patches that I also installed.

I checked also the following TIDs

10094725 DLU doesn't work for W2003 TS RDP sessions
10064034 User credentials of RDP Properties
2971195 NC 4_9 Post-SP2 NWGINA_DLL - ZfD 6_5 compat

Thanks in advance for your help

Ramon Lustrati