I just installed over a month now a new NW 6.5 server integrated with a NW
5.1 tree. Everything has been fine logging on access data/files. Installed
NW 6.5 SP4a and last week and since then intermittently the workstations in
the morning are having issues logging on. My site contains about 50
computers, mixed with workstations and laptops. They either need to reboot
or shut down and restart to connect to the nw server. I have down the
following steps. Sometime twice in order to logon

1) The client is 4.91

2) I can log on locally and ping the netware servers

3) I can get out to the web so IP is fine

4) I have updated the nic card from manufactures website

5) Tested the nic card and it passes

6) Turned of all hibenate features on machine and nic

7) Client settings are default to the NW server

8) I can see the tree, context and servers at logon prombt but I can't

If anybody knows a solution on this issue, please let me know.