I don't know if it is server related or client related so I take a chance to
post here.

I experience intermittent slowness (less than 10mbps on a gigabit link) when
I transfer files between my PC (XP SP2, client 4.91 SP1 -
and some of my netware servers (NW65SP3). By intermittent I mean that when
it is slow, it will remain slow no matter how long I keep my connection to
the server. But it is not always slow and it is not slow with all the
servers in the same time. I also experienced the problem on at least two
other PCS and I heard many users saying that their connection is sometimes

When it is slow with one server (let's say Server A) it is not necessarily
slow with other servers. Usually I have the problem with the connection to
one server, not always the same, but all others are still normal. Other PCs
still have a fast connection to the Server A in the same time my PC
experiments slowness.

To get a fast connection I have to detach from the tree (right click on nw
client / Novell connections... / detach) then login again. Even that
doesn't always work and sometimes I have to do it multiple times to get a
fast connection. Sometimes I get a fast connection to the server that was
slow but I now have a slow connection with another server.

By reading the newsgroups, I saw many posts about duplex problems so I tried
many combinations of auto and manual configs and the problem is always

It is not new since I had this problem with Server A when it was running
with NW51SP7 on another machine and running at 100mbps. I was using an
older version of nw client, but I don't remember wich one. At that time I
thought that it was my PC (which was buggy) and lived with it until I
reinstalled everything then upgraded the servers to NW65. Then I noticed
that the problem was still there!