hi there. let's see if i can explain this succinctly:

i just inherited a group of folks using the 4.91 client on w2k sp4 boxes.
part of my admin duties is performing inventories. i do this via a program
called winventory (http://winventory.sourceforge.net). this app uses vbs to
query wmi info on the remote boxes. well...

as you might expect, these users are not admins. so, when i run my script
to audit these boxes, the user is - for some reason - presented with the
standard novell login dialog with the local administrator id already
populated. i have instructed them to click cancel, which is fine, but they
have to click cancel over and over and over until my audit finishes.

i had the same problem with another group of folks. the fix there was to
uninstall the full client and instead use the ms client for netware.
unfortunately, that is not possible in this case. so...

can anyone advise on how to prevent this dialog from pestering my poor,
poor users?