Hi all,

Problem I am experiencing is that contextless login doesnt work when using
Citrix secure gateway (CSG). What happens is the user enters their details
at the CSG web page. They hit ok and the login process begins. If the user
is not in the predefined context that has been set in the properties of th
Netware client ( ver 4.91 sp1) they get a netware message that they couldnt
login and the netware client appears. If they the retype their login name
and hit tab the contextless login works.

I have seen various docos stating the problem is, that the tab stoke is not
passed from the CSG session and this makes sense. Is there any way around
that fact so any user regardless of their context will be able to enter
their credentials at the CSG screen and login.

I thought about the old dscat service - is that down the right path or am I
way off.

Netware 6.5
CSG 3.0


Robert Fabbian