> I just got a job at a school, and am fairly new to the Novell world.
> When I log in to Novell Client 4.90, it then asks for my workstation
> login and password, which I expected to be the same as my WindowsXP

> but it's not. How do I change my workstation user name from the

> computer owner's? I am using ZENWorks 6.5 Desktop Management. Thanks!

1. Create a Windows username (Start-Settings-Syscontrol-Administration-
Computer Administration- Users&Groups) that is the same as your Netware
username. When being asked for the Windows login information (during login
process), enter name and password and check the "synchronzie password with
Windows" box. You can also tell the Netware Client to copy the Netware
username to the Windows logon screen (open properties of N in the systray,
in extended logon there is a parameter group for that). From then on, you
shouldn't being asked for the Windows logon any more. However, if you work
on 2 or more workstations, this procedure will become a little confusing
after changing Netware password.
2. Create a Windows user (see above) DIFFERENT from your Netware login.
You can also synchronize the passwords, but you shouldn't copy login name
automatically by the Netware client to Windows logon - at least it
wouldn't help, because the user doesn't exist. But you can tell Windows to
enter a default user name in the Windows logon - and if you have
synchronized passwords, there should be no question any more.

Hope that helps