We are using IPX only by default when installing Netware Client. Address
Restrictions usually work fine with that as long as I define addresses
like 0000000016:MAC-address.
Some users seem to install the client software not as we do, usually they
do a default install, which means that IP is enabled or both. When I look
at the server connec tions I see an address like 12345678:00000000001 or
so, i.e. it is not the default form as given above. In this case address
restrictions don't work, because the address is not known(?).
Qu 1: Why do those addresses appear and what do they mean?
Qu 2: When reinstalling the client and choosing IPX only, there is no
change. Is it possible that the client software leaves some registry
entries when being uninstalled? If yes, how can I get rid of them?

Thanks for any hint