I have a couple of workstations running XP Pro (SP2) and the latest Novell
Client (4.91 SP1). One is on a network with a single NetWare 5 server (all
patches) and another is on a network with a single NetWare 6.5 server (also,
all patches). Both workstations are getting the Novell login popping up -
usually while the user is away from their computer - with username 'system'.
They click cancel, and everything is fine. However, on one of the
workstations, it is preventing an overnight scheduled task from running.
When the use clicks cancel in the morning, the scheduled task completes.

The 'Novell Client for Windows' is the only component installed on these
workstations (no additional components). Also, NMAS and NICI were not
installed, we do not use NDPS, and we do not use Zenworks.

Not sure where to start to make this go away. Anyone have a solution to

Thanks for any help!