We have a perfomance issue when users go to browse the network through
Windows Explorer. In most of our locations, Explorer will take up to 45
seconds to populate the list of servers in our tree. In one location, it
takes only 2 or 3 seconds to build the same list. Even the dog-slow GX-
110's w/192 MB RAM build the server list very quickly in this one
location. I've compared the client settings and they're identical in
every way. (except Service Location) Our tree is comparatively small and
consists of less than 30 servers. Here's some of the environment details:

XP Pro SP2
Client 4.90 SP2 (some 4.91 but same results) - IP-only w/ SLP as the
Protocol component settings & Name Resolution Timeout set to 1
Dell PowerEdge 2850/2650 servers
NW 6.0 SP5

What other client settings should I look at? Any server settings you can
think of to look at for comparison? Obviously this is not a huge problem -
just a PITA that I think is client related. Many thanks...