Novell Client: Novell Client 4.91, 4.91 SP1, some 4.80

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-470: The specified drive mapping is an invalid path:
(ROOT letter:= etc...)

Symptoms: Sometimes connection is achieved but it is really slow.

Some users are getting the error aforementioned. After much research it was
suggested to turn off the "Bad Name Server Cache" and the "Bad Address
Cache Timeout" (TIDs: 10076045, 10093267, 10093266, 10065560, 10090180)
Even after turning these settings off, the computer was really slow. I am
thinking that perhaps the Bad Addresses need to be flushed out. I have not
been able to achieve this.

I did an IPCONFIG RELEASE/RENEW but the problem persists. Do I have to
force an expiration of the lease?? if so, how? or am I moving away from the

There is also a "Bad Name Server Cache Timeout" which I also turned off but
it made no difference.

Any recommendations or solutions are greatly appreciated



P.S. There is also an option that says "Server Cache Timeout" I turned this
off as well but it made no difference.