I have 4.91 SP1 installed and I'm trying to use the "Update Novell Client"
to add some of the latest patches. When I manually run it from a right
click of the red N, it works when I point the update site to one of our
Novell servers using a UNC listing. When I move that directory from our
Novell server to our webserver, I get a Novell Client Update Agent error
message that says "No update to the Novell Client for Windows could be
found." I know it's there though because I can browse the directory with a
web browser, and it should work because when I use WriteIP.exe to create a
SetupIP.exe pointing to the same directory on the web server, that works fine.

Is there some special syntax I need to use in the Update Agent tab of the
client for it to work with a webserver as opposed to a UNC drive? Any
thoughts or similar experiences?

Blaine Ott
Arts and Sciences
Duke University