We added a Windows 2003 server to our environment today. After changing
the appropriate setup info on one workstation - My Computer, Properties,
etc. - changed from Workgroup to Domain, put in the domain name - I
notice the logon screen now requires me to press Ctrl+Alt+Del - is this

After that, I get the usual C32 logon, which I do normally, and then the
Windows logon comes up normally - I configured the server to have a user
that matches the name we were using on the machine, and the Domain name
appears in the "From" box. All that's fine except that after I click OK
on the Windows logon screen, it says "Applying your settings..." or
words to that effect and never moves off of there. The old local logon
had no password and neither does the new one.

I don't know if this is due to some ignorance of Windows networking on
my part or some funky interaction between the clients - I'm tempted to
remove C32, get the Windows logon to work, then reinstall C32.

Any guidelines, web pages, etc., that might help me would be most