Hopefully this is the correct forum for this issue.

I am having a problem with the login script for users located in a
specific container. When these users login, they don't get the drive
mappings that they should.


The login script for OUA includes "include .myorg"
The login script for OUB includes "include .oua.myorg"
The login script for OUC includes "include .oub.oua.myorg"

* Users in OUB get mapped drives

* If I add the include statements to the user login script in OUC, they
get the mapped drives.

* I don't know which client versions (they may vary) are in use on the
W2K (probably, though possibly XP) PCs where this occurs, but I can
replicate the problem using VMware, W2K, and NW Client 4.90 SP2.

* No error message is generated in the results screen. It appears a
default login script is running as the users get a generic F:\ drive
mapped to randomserver\sys

* I tried changing the login script for OUC to include "include
..oua.myorg" and "include .myorg" but neither of these worked.

* The users in OUC are authenticated to the servers, they just don't
get the drive mappings

* Tried updating NW Client to 4.91 but no joy.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.