Background :
We are having a real strange issue with a XEROX C2525 multifunction
printer/scanner/copier unit. The unit keeps rebooting continuously when
connected to the network, and when it reboots, it runs a cleaning page with
a test pattern. As a result, the printer runs out of ink even though it has
not serviced ant print jobs. XEROX has replaced the printer, but the
problem continues with the new printer. It is fine when not on the network,
but reboots every so many minutes when on the network.

Just got off the phone with XEROX tech support, and their contention is that
the latest Novell Client for WinXP has a problem with the default SLP
settings which freaks out the C2525. We do have an identical unit in
another location where Clint 4.8 is being used exclusively and that unit is
working fine, so I feel they may have a point as we do have a few 4.91
clients in operation in my main campus.

How do we configure SLP on the client ? I have never had to do this before,
so I would appreciate any pointers. I have already turned off SLP discovery
on the C2525 as it is going to be used as a TCP/IP printer (port 9100)
exclusively, but it still reboots when connected to the network.

Thanks for any ideas ...

Shivaji Samanta
Wytheville Community College