I have cross-posted this in the ZEN 3.2 forum, since I don't know if it's
a client issue, ZEN issue, or something else.

I have a couple hundred W2K workstations running Client 32 4.9 SP2 with
ZENworks 3.2 SP3 client pieces (workstation manager, remote manager).

I am pushing Client 32 4.91 SP1 out to a few test computers via ZENworks
3.2 SP3. Users are "locked down" (are not Administrator equivalent nor
Power Users) or have Administrator equivalence) . Only 1 computer had a
problem thus far, which the user had Administrator equivalence. The error
message is as follows:

Window is labeled "NICI U.S./Worldwide (128 bit)":
"The InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be installed. The system
cannot find the path specified."

I clicked OK and another window appeared:
"There was an error installing Novell International Cryptographic
Infrastructure (NICI).
Error Code: "

Client 32 installs, but not completely because of this.

I verified that IKernel.exe existed under
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\engine\6\Intel 32", and had
the proper permissions (I compared against my workstation and the one that

I was able to run X:\C32491.SP1\WINNT\i386\nici\wcniciu0.exe (the network
path, or \\\SYS\Public\C32491.SP1\WINNT\i386\nici\wcniciu0. exe)
(all objects have proper trustee assignments) and install NICI to the local
workstation fine as the admin-equivalent user.

Any clues for the error message and how to fix? I foresee more of these
issues if I roll this out - and that isn't good.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.