After checking out what SANS had to say about the December 2005 Microsoft
security updates, I noticed they mention a few older bullentins from this
year that have been recently updated...

In particular, security update 885250 (MS05-011) which includes an updated
mrxsmb.sys. Said file has been involved with an isolated "network delay"
issue where there is a 1 - 2 minute delay (appears to hang at an empty,
black screen with functioning mouse cursor) prior to the display of NWGINA
and can be logged with Microsoft's Bootvis.

MS05-011: Vulnerability in server message block could allow remote code

Version of said utility can be downloaded from various web sites to
help you troubleshoot where delays are present in XP's startup...

For many people experiencing said issue, wireless NICs were common and it
was resolved by re-enabling the Wireless Zero Configuration (blasted

After pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL there is a 2 minute delay before the NWGINA

So I'm curious if the recently released build from October 2005 help those
who are still suffering from this issue...

After you install security update 885250 (MS05-011), you may not be able to
view the contents of a subfolder on a network share by using Windows XP or
Windows Server 2003

There also appears to be an older post-885250 (MS05-011) update from April
2005 that includes Windows 2000...

You cannot save a file from your Windows XP-based or Windows 2000-based
computer to a shared folder on a file server

Tony Pedretti