I was discussing this topic first under DNS then communications and have
been advised to bring it to clients as I also feel now that it's a
client issue...

The earlier postings on this can be found here on :'Communications
Discussion Forum'

In brief, My OS is Netware 5.1 SP8, built from overlay. I have SLP DA's
configured and pushed via Netware's DHCP server.

Problem: Windows 98 Client picks up the SLP DA right away when given
the slpinfo /d command . Windows 98 Netware Client is Version

Windows 2000 using netware client v 4.90SP2 and 4.91Sp1 seems to take
almost 20-30 minutes before replying with SLP DA state as UP and

What could be the problem.
PS: Both Windows 98 and 2000 clients on the same segment of my
The problem remains the same on Windows 2000/XP platforms even if I
hardcode info into the netware client and disable SLP DHCP discovery

slpinfo /d output from Windows 98 machine:

A:\>slpinfo /d

NetWare 5 Service Location Protocol for DOS/Win3.x/Win9x v3.20
Copyright 1997-1999 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

DA IP Address Source(s) State Local Interface
10.245.220. 11 Discovered UP
10.245.220. 10 Discovered UP

The following line is not an error:
Module C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\SRVLOC.NLM did not remain resident.

On Windows 2000 machines:

Novell Client for Windows NT
SLP Version 1.0

DA IP ADDRESS | Source(s) | State | Local Interface | Scope(s) DHCP NORSP <unknown> DHCP NORSP <unknown>

...where is the IP of the client achieved from DHCP.

What could be the issue on my 2000/xp clients ??