We had a strange occurrence today. I updated our WSUS, not SUS server this
morning with the new Microsoft updates for the 15th of Dec. We started
getting phone calls about a hour later with users saying they couldn’t
login to the network after installing the updates. It appears that once
their machines rebooted they had errors such as “Tree or Server cannot be
found”, or the login script just hung and they couldn’t go anywhere. Some
logged on, but not all their drive mappings were there.

We received calls from several departments, some in which logged into
different servers, but accessed the same WSUS server for updates. The
common denominator in this is the users always stated that they rebooted
after their system said Windows updates were installed and they needed to
reboot. I immediately disabled WSUS and shut the services down to
investigate the problem.

Strangely enough, out of 40 machines 5 are still having the problem. The
rest logged in normally after about 30 minutes of trying to reboot and
such. The other 5 are just hanging in the Startup screen, and it doesn’t
matter what mode you put the system in, it never changes. We push out to
Windows 2000 Pro SP4, and Windows XP SP1A and SP2 machines.

Most of our users login to Netware 6.5 sp4a servers. They are running
either 4.9 or 4.91 Sp1 as a client. I still have the WSUS box disabled.
However, this can’t always be like this. Any help would be appreciated.