I'd like to upgrade the Novell client from mixed versions 4.83 or 4.90
with or without SP1&2 to version 4.91SP1 using the login script. All
workstations are on XP (with or without SP2), a few on NT4 but I'm not
gonna upgrade them.

But I'd have to let people refuse the upgrade (for laptop users
connected througth a VPN for example) just for a few logins.

I have this option with groupwise, a grace count login before having to
upgrade, but I can't find a way to have the same function with the
install of the Novell Client.

We use ACU and unnatend file.

We can't use zenworks as we only have a few workstations having it
working on the old version 3.2.

In fact, my goal is to install also Zfd7 agents as we bought it
recently, maybe it would be better to first deploy this agents (with the
login script) and then install the last novell client using Zen? But I
still have the problem with remote users...

What about Zen 3.2, is it getting completely uninstalled when you
upgrade the zen7 agent or the novell client?

I'm a little confused here, any advice would be appreciated!