Not sure if this is proper location for this question, but here it goes.

We are imaging a bunch of workstations and are trying to get a CIFS connection to a NetWare server using the net use command. The process that we are using is we push a syspreped image to a workstation and allow it to reboot. After the SYSPREP stuff has run after the first boot, the workstation goes through a series of scripts to have some things set up on it. One part of the script we would like to have the workstation connect with a drive letter to a NetWare server to read a file using the net use command. We have not had any problems doing this to a windows server that is part of an NT4 domain. The weird thing is, if we go through network neighborhood and manually enter the DNS name in the server, a Novell prompt comes up and asks for a user name and password. If the username and password are entered, then the workstation rebooted, and the net use command is run, it connects without any problems and continues the scripts. Anybody know why this is happening or how to get around it? We are trying to do unattended upgrades on these machines, and having to manually connect to the server the first time is going to be a pain in the butt.

Thanks for any suggestions or direction.