I have been working with ACU.exe. I was wondering, i i currently have all
the latest clients on my workstations is it possible to go back and change
the settings, say like workstaion only = off.
I have set up unattend.txt file. So if i launch acu.exe /Unattend, i get
all teh settings i want.That is when i have an older version of client.
What i want to do is be able to Have the option to make changes globally
using client upgrade.
I set up client upgrade to a sever location. I right click on red N, and
choose upgrade it says that Novell client for windows does not need to be
upgraded. Inside the 1386 directory i put the unattended file, which has
settigns that are not the same as the ones on my pc. But it deos not update.
Is there a way to change the bul=ild version like GW client update?