To my knowledge the Novell Client's SLP client is designed to work
over TCP, and in fact I do see it work over TCP any time the data
involved in an SLP reply is larger than fits in the MTU of one UDP

(When the "overflow" bit is set, the next thing the client workstation
does is establish a TCP connection to the DA and make the same request
over TCP, thereby getting the full answer via a segmented TCP reply.)

There may be other modes/scenarios in which the Novell Client's SLP
client makes or uses TCP connections to the DA, but I'm not aware of

The scenario of TID 10062714 certainly sounds interesting; that its
the /server/ trying to initiate a TCP connection with the /client/
(rather than the other way around) doesn't seem right. Would
certainly have an issue with firewalls and such until Server/Client
(rather than Client/Server) connections were taken into account.

But the fact that it seems to be picking port 1027 "out of the blue"
(to our knowledge, since the UDP port of the original request isn't
shown) seems odd. If the SLP DA is per spec supposed to be initiating
a TCP connection with the client side, it seems like it would have to
be to the well-known port (427), or at least a port the workstation
indicated it was expecting inbound connections on. I'm not familiar
enough with SLP as a protocol spec to know this is exactly what should
have been happening, was misbehavior of SLPDA, etc., but it smells
like misbehavior based on the information thus far.

Not sure that helps, but you said "any input". :)

"Tony Pedretti" <> wrote:

> Does SLP over TCP work with the current 4.9x clients?
> Can I assume the first TID being from 2002 is now wrong and with SLES
> becoming more common SLP over TCP is supported to and from the client?
> SLP TCP =ON was designed for server to server communication. It was not
> designed for, and will not work for, client to server communication. A
> directory agent should always have SLP TCP set to OFF...
> Unable to communicate with DA
> Update the client to allow static configuration of SLP Directory Agents. The
> client could then make TCP-only requests to the known DA...
> Running NW5 across UDP-blocking firewalls
> It appears OpenSLP on Open Enterprise Server (OES) and SUSE Linux
> Enterprises Server 9 (SLES9) requires the DA(s) to be set with SLP TCP = ON
> Getting an Open Enterprise Server box to Register SLP Services to NetWare
> Any input is appreciated?
> Thanks,

Alan Adams
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