Hello, we're mainly using NC4.9SP2, and looking to update to 4.91sp1
just to keep current.

The install of our current version includes the option for the Novell
Workstation Manager, which we use with ZEN policies to generate a
volatile account on the machine, but that appears to have disappeared in
the latest client.

A quick trawl of Novell.com doesn't reveal any obvious downloads for the
Workstation Manager as a separate entity... if I'm just being blind can
someone please tell where to pick it up, or if it's not that simple then
what do I need to do to let people keep logging in without a named
account on the system?

At the moment we can get around it by upgrading from the older client,
but that's a faff and a pain and presumably we'll need to be using
something other than that old WM in future...

Ta, Pete.
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