Platform: Windows XPSP2 & Fully up to date, 4.9SP2, Zenworks 3.2
I have tried 4.9SP1 but that will cause login script errors with a XP SP2
machine. I cannot back down XP to SP1 or go to an older Novell Client either.

When a user tries to login in, right before the login script runs it will
go back to the Ctl Alt Del screen. This will happen over and over. Its
random and it does not do it to every person. There are no errors and
nothing in the event logs.
We have a mixture of NT4, WIN2K, and WIN XP machines in our network but the
only ones affected are the XP machines.
The only way to temp fix it is from a Novell TID 2951585, which actually
deals with a NT client having this problem. It will fix it for a while but
the problem seems to come back over time.