[XP] Novell Client not working on new computers

(I'm not very experienced with Novell)

We have Novell NetWare 5.1 small business (5 user liscense) and the ONLY
thing we use it for is to hold shared files on... nothing fancy
whatsoever... Since it was installed years back, we have hardly touched it
at all (really haven't been patching it or anything - and it's been working
just fine).

We have a single Netware Server, 4 windows 98 SE machines, and an XP Home
machine (that i'm currently upgrading to xp-pro). All these machines listed
above work perfectly and can login and access the network just fine.

Now for the trouble makers: We have two computers that we just added to the
network, both loaded with xp-pro. (I turned off one of the other machines so
it wouldn't exceed the 5 user max I loaded the latest version of Novell
Client on them, but these machines fail to see any of the NetWare components
from the login prompt, and can't login. At the login screen, when I try to
hit the "trees" button - after hanging for a long time, an empty white box
appears. If I fill out these feilds manually I get the error "The tree or
server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server". - It's
interesting that these two computers have internet access, and can see all
the other computers in the office. The network cables for everything go into
the same switch. I've disabled the firewall, and that didn't seem to fix the

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!