Hi folks,

I want to establish secure connections between client32 and NWOES by using a
SSH-Tunnel. I configured a SSH-Tunnel within Putty to the SSH-Interface of
the NWOES.The NCP Port 524 will be tunneled to the NWOES. Using client
4.90SP2 I get this error while connecting to localhost.

Internal error 0x00008801 occured. Try again. If the error occurs again,
restart the
workstation and try again. If the error persists, contact your network

In the past I was able to use the tunnel without this error but I'm not able
to reproduce this.

So there are some questions:

Is it in general possible to use ssh-tunnel to establish secure connections
between client and nw-server ? I guess client32 will encrypt the
authentification procedure but not the data traffic.

Does client32 use only TCP Port 524 or further ports ? At the moment only
tcp 524 will be tunneled. Other ports will be blocked by firewall.

Of course, VPN would be the better solution.

Cheers, k.