I'm having a problem with a Novell 5 network. The workstations in the
network (All Dell PCs, all XP Pro or W2k) most of the time login to the
network very slowly (takes about 10 seconds before login screen disappears).
However, every now and then a workstation will login in the blink of an eye.
It's not clear to me what could cause this. I changed from DHCP to manual IP
addresses but that didn't change a thing. There is one workstation that has
a public share, to which all other workstation map a drive letter. Shutting
down the workstation with the public share does not change anything. When
working on the workstations there do not seem to be any performance issues,
apart from copying files from the file server to a workstation. When copying
a large folder from the server with copy-paste, at first the files will go
fast but after a while it takes seconds to copy an average size Word or
Excel file. Both the workstation and the file server will indicate low
processor utilisation and very low network utilisation. The only switch in
the network will not indicate any package errors and the activity leds blink
occasionaly. On the basis of information in the knowledge base, I run
Ethereal to see what happens. Running it for half a minute will only result
in several hundreds of packages (while using an e-mail program will result
in several thousands over the same period of time). These packages seem to
be fine apart from some checksum errors that seem to be caused by Groupwise.

Can anyone provide any help to speed up the network? All workstations run
the latest patches and service packs, as well as the latest Novell client
with service pack.

Thanks very much in advance,
Jos van Iwaarden